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What Ozempic contains

• The active substance is semaglutide. One ml solution for injection contains 1.34 mg semaglutide. One pre-filled pen contains 4 mg semaglutide in 3 ml solution. Each dose contains 1 mg of semaglutide in 0.74 ml.

• The other ingredients are: disodium phosphate dihydrate, propylene glycol, phenol, water for injections, sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid (for pH adjustment). See also section 2, ‘Sodium content’.

Ozempic Chemist Warehouse

We are offering Ozempic for off-label uses with Simple Online Doctor and where to buy ozempic in Australia as we strive to offer treatments for their registered uses for safety reasons. It is important that those seeking Ozempic speak to a doctor online or in person about their desired outcome.

What is Ozempic?

Ozmepic is a medication containing the active ingredient GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide . It has dramatically increased in popularity due to social media and news stories with Ozempic shortages occurring due to the increased demand in Australia.

This medicine  is on the Australian register for therapeutic goods known as the ARTG. However the surge in popularity is not for its registered use but rather an “off-label” use .

The medicines manufacturer Novo Nordisk has responded by attempting to sure up supply chains for the medicine . Whilst having mixed success with keeping up with demand, they  managed to create a  treatment using the same active ingredient. Also  semaglutide helps to provide a registered and tested alternative to Ozempic.

Where to buy Ozempic in Australia?

In Australia, all medicines undergo strict testing and trials to ensure they are safe and effective. Whilst Novo Nordisk has proven Ozempic to be effective to the Australian medicines regulator for its registered use, it has not proven safety and efficacy (effectiveness) for any off-label/ unregistered uses. Whilst this may not seem important if the medicine appears effective for other uses, it is critical to ensuring the safety of patients.

While you may find Ozempic online, you should exercise caution when purchasing it from providers  that are not registered . To add some services are legitimate, the TGA has released statements about those misleading Australians by promising supplies  overseas.

saxenda vs ozempic


There are multiple medicines in Australia now registered for the conditions which Ozempic was being used off-label for. These can differ in the dose or active ingredient contained within the injection pen . To add This makes the injection pens and dosing much easier for health professionals to provide easy-to-follow instructions for use. In addition this reduces the potential for accidental harm and side effects.

You can consult a doctor online or in person for these registered alternatives. If you are deemed suitable for treatment by an Australian registered doctor. Also  you can receive a treatment proven to have the intended outcome with better evidence for safety.

Where to buy Ozempic?

Ozempic prescribing is best handled by your regular GP for its registered use as you likely require ongoing blood tests to ensure it is adequately controlling your condition. Those who are on or who think it would be a benefit to their health should let us know. As It stock shortage dramatically improved in June 2023, and many patients using it for off-label reasons switched to registered alternatives. moreover most pharmacies should now have stock to fulfil prescriptions for patients using it for its intended purpose.


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