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Product name: Alphabol

Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Active substance: Methadienone

Other names : Dianabolos, Perbolin, Dbol, Methandienone, Metastenol, GP Methan, Methanoplex, Danabol DS, Restauvit, D-bol, Dianabol, Stenolon, Methanabol, Metandienone, Danabol, Nabolin, Methafurin, Metandiabol, Dianoxyl, Pronabol, Metaboline, Lanabolin, Dianabolic, Methacaps, Encephan, Trinergic, Metabolina, Metanabol, Dbirol, Naposim, Methanodex, Anabol, Andoredan, Nerobol, Methandrostenolone, Nerobil.

Strength: 10 mg



Alphabol is an oral steroid that strongly affects the protein exchange. The protein synthesis processes are strengthened when Alphabol is used and thus the organism production of proteins is accelerated. Such an effect is expressed in the positive balance of nitrogen in the organism and also the general state enhancement.

Alphabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone by chemical structure. Due to this fact the preparation has expressed androgenic and anabolic action which is expressed in an essential mass and strength gainAlphabol acts quickly and reliably. When the preparation is used, the gain is about two kilograms per week within first 1.5 month. The additional weight is made of the natural tissue growth (muscle fibers hypertrophy) and observable retention of liquid in the organism.

Alphabol is one of the most popular steroid drugs that is intended for oral use. The active chemical component is Methandienone, the content of which is equal to 10 mg in each tablet.

The active substance of the medicinal product have high anabolic index is about 190 % of the testosterone, and the relatively small androgen – ½ from testosterone.

Alphabol is easily aromatized since a part of the substances is transformed to estrogen, that’s why the preparation is not a good instrument during the preparation to the competitions. The excessive aromatization and accumulation of water may be avoided by the combination of Proviron and Nolvadex, that’s why Danabol may be used by some athletes some days prior to the competitions. The dosage may be different – starting with two tablets up to twenty and more especially for weightlifters, bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Positive Effects

Taking Alphabol will give you the opportunity to increase muscle mass, and in addition will increase strength and endurance. During the cycle of this drug, protein synthesis increases, and as a result – the body produces more protein. With this in mind, the balance of nitrogen in the sports body at the required level.

Alphabol Alpha Pharma increases appetite, and this is important during the cycle of steroids, setting a task to increase muscle mass. A very important positive property is that Methandienone increases physical strength and endurance of the body, increases the regeneration process.


The half-life of the active substances is 4 hours, which is a short period of support the stability of the drug concentration in the blood, it should be used three times a day after half an hour after eating. The dosage of Alphabol for beginners is about 25 mg per day and is optimal. The applied dosage can be increased to 450 mg, if you are a more experienced athlete. Professionals use the drug in a dosage of 100 mg.

It is recommended to use Methandienone for about 42 days. If the cycle of the drug is more than 70 days, the risk of dependence on the active component, as a result of which the human body stops responding to it.

For beginners unfamiliar with the pharmacology of sports, the best option is Alphabol solo cycle. To be more precise, you need to use Alphabol dose of 30 g for 42 days.

Sometimes athletes neglect post cycle therapy, although it must be carried out in strict order immediately after the cycle: Clomid 50 mg and Nolvadex 10 mg per day.

If you want to join the drug Testosterone, then a suitable modification is the cycle: Methandienone 35 mg daily Testosterone Propionate 95 mg every other day for about 50 days. If you use testosterone for the first time, it is better to choose a short cycle. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to use aromatase inhibitors, because using this compound, you use a couple of aromatizing drugs. From about the fifteenth day of the cycle, you can start taking, 0.5 mg Letrozole and Anastrozole. At the end of a five-day cycle

Using Dianabol pills the Right Way – Some important advices



In Alphabol, the aromatase activity is adequate which makes it strong estrogenic anabolic steroid. Since the aromatase activity is adequate, therefore, Methandrostanolone is converted into methylestradiol rather than being converted into estradiolMethylestradiol is much powerful than estradiol. This conversion leads to heavy water retention and gynecomastia. Higher water retention can also cause high blood pressure for which Alphabol is known for.

The androgenic nature of Alphabol is significantly reduced, however, it can still possess some androgenic side effects. These side effects can be bad skin, loss of hair, male baldness and growth of body hair. These effects are due to metabolization of Methandrostenolone by 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This enzyme is also responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Finasteride can be used in stack to remedy the androgenic side effects associated with Alphabol.

Females can experience Virilization symptoms with the use of Alphabol. These symptoms include growth of body hair, deepening of voice andenlargement of clitoris. To avoid these side effects, very low doses must be taken, however, Alphabol is not favorable for women hcg for sale.


Alphabol also possesses some cardiovascular side effects as well. This includes negative impact on cholesterol level. HDL cholesterol is repressed andLDL cholesterol level is augmented. Blood pressure level is also negative affected by Alphabol. This can be controlled by controlling water retention problem. Taking healthy diet can reduce the risk of these side effects. In healthy diet danabol 10, foods that have huge amount of omega fatty acids must be taken regularly. Performing cardiovascular activities can also avoid the side effects. Best place to buy Dianabol online without prescription


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10 mg


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