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Product is exceptionally made. I get 0 PIP with this product, it\’s clear and easy to inject. Quality is 10/10 as always, results seen were incredible and I put on lots of KGs from use
George J
The Best Deca I\’ve used to date. Saw amazing gains in strength and size. My recovery time increased and my joints felt amazing. A must have to your next cycle!
Products are great. They are the real deal.
Shipping was fast and I was notified the whole process. I will definitely order again…
Matt Jones
Premium steroid gears is currently the best in the business!!!!! I Have placed multiple orders and all have been received with no issues and top grade products!
I will be a lifer…
Thank you premium steroid gears for the FAST shipping and quality products. I received my order in just 2 days from my purchase!! This is my third Cycle off you guys and I must say its the best gear l\’ve ran yet..
Nicolas R
If you\’re looking for a great domestic source for great quality gear and prices within USA then PREMIUM STEROID GEARS is your go to source. l\’ll always question a new source I try and always do my research and read reviews and I heard nothing but great things from
PREMIUM STEROID GEARS nd it\’s all true for sure. Thanks guys
Bradly Kane

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