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Product name: Sermorelin

Active substance: SERMORELIN ACETATE

Other names: Thymosin Beta-4, Thymosin

Strength: 2 mg



enough, crash dieting makes the body think that it had better store away some extra fat as soon as it can in case you start starving yourself again. You end the diet and what happens? Massive weight gain!

Sermorelin for weight loss allows you to lose weight naturally. Your body isn’t ringing any alarm bells, in fact, it’s healthier and stronger than ever before. You lose weight and it stays off.

Why Use Sermorelin Acetate Instead of HGH Injections

The answer to this questions is obvious: it’s safer, it’s more natural and it won’t cost you an absolute fortune. Once that’s done, you can experience all the Sermorelin results without the synthetic HGH risks. The Sermorelin cost and safety are the primary deciding factors


Sermorelin has a wide range of positive effects. Due to its nature as a GHRH, sermorelin only increases the body’s ability to produce more GH ; it is not an injection of growth hormone itself. In both a performance enhancing and general well-being sense, sermorelin has a wide array of benefits that make it a powerful and valuable substance.

  1. Mental: Focus and mental clarity improve, leading to an easing of general day-to-day tasks. Libido can be heightened and users have reported an improvement in their sex lives. General fatigue as well depression can also be reduced. All of these qualities can lead to a generally healthier, happier lifestyle.

  2. Physical: Sermorelin increases the development of lean body mass through the development of new muscle cells and reduces body fat through lipolysis. This leads to increased strength and endurance and improved muscle tone as well as improved skin elasticity (smoother, less wrinkly skin) and loss of cellulite. Calcium retention improves, leading to the increased mineralization of bone (bone density), strengthening the skeletal system.



As a general guideline, a commonly prescribed Sermorelin dosing protocol is 3-9mg per month broken up into daily 100-300mcg shots. Recommended bodybuilding and weight loss dosages are generally the same for men and women since human growth hormone is produced at similar amounts in both sexes.

When adding GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 to the mix for added performance benefits, prescribed dosages also commonly range between 100-300mcg per daily injection. Your health care practitioner may recommend less or more depending on your individual circumstances so it is always best to follow the instructions you are given by them. Cheap Sermorelin sale online

As for Sermorelin cycle length, studies have shown that the greatest benefits from hGH replacement therapy occur 6-12 months after continuous treatment. But once again, you should be guided by your doctor as to the optimal cycle length for your needs. Injection for sale without prescription

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Side Effects of HGH Compared to Sermorelin

We have already looked at some of the dangerous side effects of HGH when it is administered directly. We know that Sermorelin is less dangerous, but what are the specific Sermorelin side effects?

Compared to HGH, these are very mild. You may have some pain, swelling or redness at the injection site and a few people experience headaches, flushed skin, dizziness, hyperactivity or sleepiness. You could also get hives, a temporary skin rash. Not everybody experiences these side-effects – in fact – very few people do and none of the side-effects presents a serious danger to your health. buy Sermorelin online,Cheap Sermorelin sale  without prescription, Sermorelin best online price,Sermorelin price online

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2 mg


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