There’re Various Ways To Get Bitcoin Online.


Bit Pay


Local Bitcoins , ETC 

If You Are Familiar With These Or Can Easily Get Bitcoins On Your Own Then Fee Free To Do So .

However If Your’re Not , Then Below Is An Illustration On How To Get Bitcoins Using Changelly.Com

Step 1 : Go To Changelly.Com 

Step 2 : Firstly,  go to the home page and select USD on the left and a crypto you want to buy on the right. Put in the amount of USD you are about to exchange.


Check The Amount Once Again.

Input Your Wallet. It’s Advisable To Register On The Changelly First In Order To Get Your Wallet. Or You Can Copy Our Bitcoin Wallet Above And Input 

Click The Verification Box To Proof You’re Not A Robot 

Read Carefully The Information Below (Especially, Info On Fees) And Proceed To The Next Step Only If You Agree To These Terms.


Step 4 : Verify It Via Your Email And Phone.


Step 5 : Now Enter Your Payment Details.


Step 6 : Take A Selfie Where You Are Holding Your Bank Card In Your Hands. For Safety, Cover Middle 8 Digits With Your Fingers.


Step 7 : Now Wait Until Your Verification Is Done. Once Verified, Your Transaction Will Be Processed Via Simplex, And You Will Get BTC In Your Destination Wallet.


Well , If You Still Have Difficulties In Getting Bitcoin, Please Do Contact Us Via Our Live Chat For More Information And Help . 

We Offer Excellent Customer Support 24/7 And We Do Discreet Shipments.

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